Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Featured Sale Item ~ Sheer Classic Pitcher

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I don't know how many tea pitcher we have been through in this house. With each one, we find something about it we don't like: it spills when it pours, I can't see when I need to make more (until it is too late), it's a pain to pour contents into.

Since we switched to the Sheer Classic Pitcher from Tupperware, we have not had any complaints. Nathan even commented that the tea seems to stay fresher longer. With the air- tight sealing lid, it isn't a surprise, and that makes me happy, cause we don't throw any out!

Store & pour with this super-sized server

  • Quench your thirst for extra-capacity beverage storage with this super-sized, smartly designed pitcher.
  • Large, comfortable handle ensures safe, controlled pouring, even when the pitcher is full.
  • Avoid messy drips, thanks to the perfectly angled pour spout.
  • In Tropical Water with Sea Mist seal.
  • 10½"H/27cm.
Save over 50% through February 10th. A $32 Value for just $16!
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